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GraceRock is a team of seasoned consultants helping teams deliver on the promise of transformation through technology. We work right at the sweet spot where business and technology come together to deliver amazing experiences. While we can help you build amazing GraceBlocks, that's not the only trick up our sleeve. Our vision is simple: improve the world of work by harmonizing the way people and technology come together to accomplish greatness. Choose the right service option for your business needs.

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  • Document current system needs
  • Develop business case & link to value
  • Tech stack design
  • Custom built Blocks, to meet your needs
  • We then hand you the keys
  • And teach you to drive, click by click
  • Build and run reports ad-hoc reports
  • Troubleshoot data issues within or across systems
  • Analyse data to ensure process/data integrity
  • Define user acceptance plans
  • Execute test scripts and triage issues
  • Minimize go live disruptions
  • Define flows and data mappings
  • Build and test integrations
  • Integration platform maintenance
  • Deliver virtual or on site sessions
  • Follow-up with users
  • Facilitate lunch and learn sessions
  • Build quick start guides
  • Create custom tutorials
  • Design custom training curriculum
  • Field inbound requests
  • Research options and present recommendations
  • Support/manage updates
  • Identify adoption blockers
  • Define why use for your population
  • Support your communication plan



Gain speed and agility using GraceBlock’s free plan to get started, and build what you need today.

GraceBlocks offers a robust free plan option to help you experience GraceBlocks and get going with up to 10 users. Build your first Block in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. No credit card is required, and richer feature paid plans start at $14.99/month.


Free Plan

Starter Plan

Pro Plan

For companies with > 5,000 employees, we recommend an Enterprise plan. We'll tailor the plan to meet your needs.

Starting at 14.99 / user /month: Build an unlimited number of Blocks, send up to 1,500 text messages monthly, and other advanced features.

Build up to 5 Blocks, send up to 100 text messages and collaborate with up to 10 users for free.

Starting at 36.99/user/month: Build up to 10 Blocks, send up to 500 text messages monthly, and other features,


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