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Ten Gems – May 2019

Congratulations to all of the new graduates entering the workforce. It’s a time of celebration, and achievement. For the life-long learners in all of us, here’s a look at some happenings from this past month worth revisiting. There’s a lot to take in here, so be ready to block your calendar to consume some amazing content!

May  Gems

  1. We’ll start by celebrating graduation time, here are Ted Talk’s recommended listening for those about to throw hats in the air. I especially love Angela Duckworth’s talk on the passion and perseverance (aka grit) that is so predictive of success.
  2. Heather Bussing wrote an article women at work need to see. I’m so glad she wrote this and shares that “you can, you know, do it your way” –> give of Women and Work a read.
  3. Care about recruiting metrics? Don’t miss this information packed webinar on source of hire featuring Jen Tracey from Spectrum, Allyn Bailey of Intel, and Adam Eisensetin with BCG. It was hosted by myself, Gerry Crispin and Martin Burns. We’re on a mission to create some guidelines to help the industry better understand what good looks like when it comes to recruiting metrics. Learn more on background and how to get involved here.
  4. Samantha McLaren wrote this great piece with “realistic” advise given by Glen Cathey on the topic of setting hiring goals. The post includes a link to his handy recruiting input/output calculator.
  5. Meet Tengai, the job interview robot who won’t judge you. This article is just bizarre, creepy, and for me, well just unnatural. The first real interviews took place this month according to the article. Call me a skeptic, but I’m also curious to see where this one goes.
  6. News flash, online job applications still suck! Katrina Kibben’s writes this post as a good reminder of just what’s still wrong with this process.
  7. Podcasts are my new favorite travel buddy. If you’r looking for good ones about recruiting, you can thank Hung Lee for putting this list together for you. Oh, and yesterday was his birthday; so let’s help him grow the #brainfoodforest.
  8. Find time to give Matt Alder’s 20 min Recruiting Future podcast with Allyn Bailey a listen on driving TA transformation at Intel. Allyn explains what it took to instill the roots for change and what she’s learned along the way. You will learn from her, I assure you. Just go to twitter and scroll through the hashtag: #pipelinesoverreqs if you need convincing. Allyn was busy this month! She was part of the webinar that is #3 of this 10 gems list. She also let me profile her and wrote her own amazing post about her song-list and leaning on back.
  9. The team at Talent Function post this great CRM capabilities guide. If you’re in the market for a CRM, this is a great read.
  10. Notable Funding/Transactions in the HR Tech Space - see below

May Fundraising*

*Talent Product Plays

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