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Ten Gems – March 2019

Yesterday’s April Fools post was about Amazon’s choosing Memphis for HQ2. In writing this article, I discovered that I literally grew inside an arboretum (pic is above) and according to someone named Jennifer in support, if we all email: dearjetblue@jetblue.com saying “please consider adding direct flights to and from Boston/Memphis,” it can only help. These are not the only items of interest from this past March. Below are the latest gems that relate to recruiting, talent and technology:

March Gems:

  1. Madeline Laurano wrote an great article about emerging recruiting tech in Ireland.
  2. Have you seen the news about this Facebook’s settlement? This has real impacts for the future of targeted employment ads.
  3. Be kind to your candidates; Katrina Kibben offers some sage words to help you do this.
  4. Need to understand Instagram? This article from Steve Davis is a must read.
  5. I loved this piece from Ultimate Software celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8th).
  6. This interactive workplace intelligence report written by HR Wins in conjunction with Greenhouse software is amazing and is brimming with relevant data to support your HR strategy business case.
  7. Want to learn more about the JobVite mega-merger? Listen to Chris Russel’s interview of JobVite’s VP of Marketing Matt Singer on the Rec Tech Podcast.
  8. Hung Lee recently asked Irina Shamaeva to put together this tip sheet for what you can search based on LinkedIn access level. Thank you!
  9. Great advice for tough recruiting situations by Mark Jackson.
  10. Recent Investments: see below:

March Fundraising*

*Thank you Talent Products Plays for easy access to funding info.

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