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Ten Gems - January 2019

Farewell to month 1 of 2019! We’ve had our snow fun (yes, those are my children in the picture having fun in the backyard), put away the holiday decorations, and dropped the new year’s greetings. Perhaps we learned a thing or two. Here’s refresher with ten gems uncovered last month in the world of HR Tech and Recruitment.

January Gems

1. Virtual reality has exciting prospects in learning and recruiting for that matter. Josh Bersin’s article chronicles some amazing results .

2. Companies using chat-bots are more than 2x more likely to fill positions in two weeks?! – This is only the tip of the iceberg in what you will find in Aptitude Research’s Early Findings report on Talent Acquisition.

3. More early findings found here in Tim Sackett’s quick hits about the upcoming Talent Board report on Candidate Experience. Hint – call your interview rejects, it’s important!

4. Finding a job as your experience grows isn’t easy. Katrina Bussel’s story stuck a chord with me; perhaps it will with you too.

5. Having HR tech adoption challenges? You’re not alone. This SHRM article on the subject has some great advise.

6. Listen to how selection and assessment can enhance vs. wreck your candidate experience in this podcast with Charles Handler and Special Guest Jerry Crispin.

7. There’s a good piece in Workforce Magazine with a solid dose of warnings for HR on the future impact potential of AI and its impact on the profession.

8. Turns out, candidates will reward your transparency. SmartRecruiters latest blog post reports some impressive good news side-effects of last May’s GDPR regulations.

9. Noteworthy acquisitions:

10. Noteworthy funds raised: - see below

January Fundraising*

Thank you Talent Products Plays for easy access to fundraising and acquisition information (9 and 10 above) – their listings is more exhaustive than mine, I’ve just hit on some the bigger transactions.

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