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Ten Gems – April 2019

Like that, April is over and we’re onto May. Before I get to this month’s action packed recap, I’d like to start off by sharing that a new GraceRock.com website took flight in the last days of April, inclusive of the blog you are currently reading. So when you are done reading this post, feel free to navigate around and learn a little bit more about us and what we are up to. Also, if you care about recruiting and metrics, we’d love your input through the survey below. Gerry Crispin, Martin Burns, and I are teaming up to review what practitioners and providers can do to help make progress in this area. You can find us on the influencer stage at the Unleash Conference on May 14th in Vegas. We hope to see you there. Here’s the survey: Source of Influence/Hire Survey

Now, without further ado, here are the gems we gleamed from this past April.

April Gems

1) Did you see the eruption this past month over thank you notes? To send or not to send, that is the question. Lyft’s head of Talent Acquisition Efrat Dagan’s added another dimension to this topic by considering how cultural norms and expectations factor in. Her post is worth a read.

2) Given the plethora of funding listed below (and rumored still to come) in the area of robotic process automation, the post on this topic by Tracey Parsons seems timely. It’s also worth noting she’s just packaged some amazing off-the-shelf candidate persona resources. If you are trying to unpack how to target your candidates throughout their journey, you’ll want to have a look.

3) Speaking of robotic process automation, it’s not just about efficient hiring. It’s also about efficient firing, according to this article by Colin Lecher on how one Amazon tracks and fires warehouse workers based on productivity levels.

4) Allyn Bailey of Intel talks about how they completely changed the way they think about recruiting – and why it’s high time you did too. This pieceis loaded with practical advise on how to move beyond requisition-based recruiting.

5) This post by Michael O’Brien Human Resource Executive (HRE) says HR tech spend is on the rise this year. The article is based on a survey HRE conducted where results were analyzed with help from Christa Manning, Stacia Garr, and Kyle Lagunas.

6) That’s not all Kyle did last month, he and Lisa Rowan published this mammoth Market Glance on the HR and evolving Talent Acquisition and Learning Space: The Emerging Employee Experience, 1Q19. Head’s up – the folks at IDC are also in the market for a Research Director of Talent Acquisition and Strategy.

7) “Working remote” is quickly becoming a highly sought-after job perk. However, it’s not without its downsides. Samantha McLaren shares some some great practical tips on how to make remote employees feel like part of the team.

8) Google continues to take its recruiting solution Hire up market. Product Manager Paul Littlefield highlights their progress in this article.

9) It was recently confirmed that recruitment giant Ladders had a major data breach, exposing 13 million profiles. Securities editor Zach Whittaker at TechCrunch expands on this story.

10) Notable Funding/Transactions in the HR Tech Space - see below

April Fundrasising*

*Talent Product Plays

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